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Movies to change the world  for and with future generations

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About Us

Choose your planet

At Choose your planet we want the children to be prepared for tomorrow. We want them to know the world they live in to become actors of this world. We wish for them to be united, to pick up tomorrow's challenges. But it doesn't happen magically!

It is our duty to prepare them and give them the keys.

Since 2012, we put our skills in audio-visual in service of associations, in order for them to share their innovative approaches, and be inspiring for everyone.

We allow them to raise awareness amongst their audience on major themes: health, environment, education…

In France, we invite children to discover their classmates and cultural diversity. Comprehend the world with insight and confidence is a requirement to allow them to write tomorrow.





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cine : action ! 

7 countries / 21 movies

Many associations undertake significant endeavours every year in raising awareness and developing new approaches…

But these associations lack real means to communicate their prevention messages to their targeted public or to highlight their approach amongst their partners.


Every year, our association allows associations from different countries to obtain new tools to raise awareness by working together towards the realisation of short movies.


Each movie is an adventure of which the disadvantage children of the country are the lead actors.

These movies are co-written with the local partners in order to be adapted to their needs but also to local culture, to the reality of the field and to local language.



Set a new lasting tool of participative prevention up, adapted to culture and local needs



Allow children to express and be confident by being actors of the project and not only beneficiaries

Overcome a lack of communication by raising awareness amongst a large audience on priorities to change behaviours







your class

« Tell me about your class » is an interactive project that creates contacts between children from two different countries in order to share their experience about 7 subjects : School, environnement, citizenship, hobbies, everyday life, transport, culture and religion. This is a way to discover differences but also similarities between people, try to walk into their shoes in order to increase the open minded, the understanding and the solidarity.

How to discover others ?

Nothing is more simple ! You can use our web-documentaries available online or on CD-ROM :children will discover the different subjects and can select anyone with questions about it. A pop up window with a children from the other country will automatically open and provided a complete per-register answer.


We propose different versions with additional pictures and informations to go further and learn always more. Indeed we need to go deeper to really live and share this experience together.


Make your own fair and supportive opinion


Discover the cultural diversity

Become an involved world's citizen